Research Interests. Mathematical!

Data Science

I am interested in an interdisciplinary research that includes applying mathematical techniques on language modeling, natural languages processing, machine learning, data mining, and data visualization. In particular, I employ techniques such as principal component analysis, markov chain models, clustering, Monte Carlo and Gibbs Sampling.

Mathematical Biolinguistics

Civilization started when humans evolved to communicate. The foundations of human culture is a linguistic enigma. I am interested in research problems involving mathematical modeling and statistical analysis of natural languages. We seek to develop a stochastic model that describes how language - its word meanings and syntax - evolved in time using machine learning algorthms and evolutionary models. We use modern natural languages processing techniques and data science methods to extract information from available linguistic data.

Mathematical Biology

As part of my interdisciplinary research interests, I am also interested in modeling biological phenomena involving dynamic predation movements of individual agents of a particular species. We developed a spatio-temporal stochastic model that describes the predation movements of the subsocial arachnid Anelosimus studious using stochastic partial differential equations.